The Garden’s Concepts.

Gardenofpeace.info was developed through several stages:

  1. As a need for a prayer garden in the woods behind a church (concept one).
  2. As a revised design within the woods (concept two).
  3. As a Garden of Peace to be constructed somewhere in the city so people of any faith may enjoy it. A garden for even individuals with no particular religion (concept three).
  4. As an organization to make Gardenofpeace.info a tool to raise the consciousness of individuals worldwide…with the goal to create peace on earth (concept four).

The Garden is Not

To whom it may concern!

The gardenofpeace.info …

  1. Is not an organization to persuade anyone into any religion.
  2. Is not a cult in any form what-so-ever.

It is an organization to help people understand their higher nature, and to improve their individualized expression of spirit …what many people call God, Allah, Higher Power, Yahweh, the Christ…a name they have been taught while walking their spiritual path in human form (their lower nature).