Help Wanted

“ The seriously needs a full staff! 

If you are fed-up with all the violence in our world help us make a change!
Presently, the is going through development, every day. With the challenges, the violence and wars rampant, this organization will always be changing and therefor always under development. It requires the services of many people from all walks of life. Ministers, pastors, rabbis, priests, elders, you, etc. with multiple languages to reach those who do not speak English are just a few. It is important that you know we need your help.
Qualifications: People, like you, with a special mind+heart filled with a passion to help change a Warring World into a Peaceful World. People, like you, who want to live for the future. People, like you, who are disgusted with all the hate, persecution, suffering, hunger, lies and killings that are totally out of control, so much so that most of us have said, several times: “Enough is enough!”

The project belongs to everyone; this means you!

Your help does not require you to be living in the Evansville, IN area. We have the Internet and many of its wonderful software programs that allows us to work together and do the work with pride. Looking back at the fruits of our labor, we’ll be able to say we helped save lives, reduced suffering and, most of all, leave this world in better shape than when we were born. That’s saying a lot, so, there is a lot that needs to be done.