How To Use

How to use the Garden of Peace.

In our world, today,
we have created the good and the bad. All of the negative situations in life are created by our lower nature. We have missed the mark of having a peaceful world because of our belief in duality (good/bad, true/false, right/wrong), plus fear, greed, selfishness, hate, etc. All negativity is created by the human side of our whole self, and affirmations can change us. We can learn how to change. For example listen to the song “Peace begins with me”. You are in  peace when you finally understand you have two natures, lower and higher working together to make you whole. One’s spiritual path is a tool to your wholeness.

PAM your life! Prayer/Affirmations/Meditation … Contemplate the words at each of the seven stations, and you will soon realize your True Self is a Peacemaker. Thoughts create your reality and your Divine Spirit helps you activate your life. All you have to do is strive to learn who you are and what you are…and to know it and believe it, with your mind and heart. And, feel the difference within as you change your thinking. Knowing this raises your consciousness so you can begin to understand how divine you are. It is up to you and millions of like-minded people to raise the consciousness of human beings. This is a simple and serious (but seldom understood) solution to create and to live in an awesome peaceful playground.