I AM that I AM

Really, I am that I am?

By using these words in Greek, Jesus, the way-shower for many of us, was deliberately quoting Exodus 3:14 and calling attention to His deity. He, too, chose to be incarnated in human form. He is a teacher of Spirit, Love, Joy, Truth, Light, Peace and the I AM…in reference to the fact we are all One in Spirt. Most of your life you thought only of yourself as “I am human,” and you are. Simply think and say “Yes, I am human, my lower nature, but I have a Higher Nature! I am that I am, too, a beautiful Spirit of my Holy Father.”

I AM…THAT I AM! Contemplate> I appreciate that I am of the same Spirit that many of us call God. And, knowing this I understand that I am the hands…the feet…the eyes…the ears…the legs…the love…of the Great One Divine. Knowing this Fact, I am truly thankful. And being grateful I raise my consciousness to create a lasting peace in my world. I see Peace for the benefit of all that is! So be it!