Experiencing Love is not a one-time, two, or three-time thing. It is an always-time thing. As a child of what many call God, we are Love. When we refuse to listen to the negative thoughts that come to us as human beings, it is easier to remember who we really are. On this earth we can cultivate Love to grow progressively during our lifetime. When we realize that our lower nature (human nature) is only a means to see our higher nature (our True Self) we are living and not just existing. We are the Self that our Higher Power sees as being perfect…”The perfect child as ONE with All that Is.”

LOVE … I am Love! Contemplate> My heart and mind give me the power to manifest unconditional Love. My spiritual path provides the education and understanding of unconditional Love, even during these times of diversity and duality. I am happy to be Love, because there is nothing greater than Love. “Love your neighbor.”