Peace be with you!

In our world, today, we have created the good and the bad. We have missed the mark of having a peaceful world because of our belief in duality, fear, greed, hate, etc. “Enough is enough!” Now, we are on a path of knowing who we are. A positive path of believing goodness is more enjoyable than living our life in a warring, violent world. We have come to a point of knowing that Peace is necessary. Knock out duality with positive thoughts and affirmations given to you on your spiritual path. You know that Peace begins with you and me, FIRST. Then, we can manifest Peace.


PEACE … I am Peace! Contemplate> I am Peace in many ways. My temperament is at Peace within my reality. To seek Peace I am guided, daily, to realize that the Peace in me can bring Peace to others less fortunate than I. I will bless others when I see others in conflict with their reality. Peace be with me…“Peace be with you.”