Please Note:  Our organization’s tactical approach to create world peace is unique. Today, most people have no time to spare outside of their work and covering family affairs. We have volunteers who suggested there be more than one  person covering a particular staff position. Yes! This will provide a better and faster way to complete each task. We  do  need your help! If you are an able individual and are willing to share your time we need your help to meet the task, head on.

Staff requirements (volunteers and, eventually for some, paid positions)

Architect: Create drawings and renderings of a physical Garden. Also render 3D drawing that can be used in marketing tools.
Accountant: Advisor to cover Federal and State tax requirements, and meet all requirements for our 501c(3) tax-free status.
Board of Directors: Made up of individuals from several spiritual faiths and having multiple languages.
Computer Graphic Artist: Assist with development of communication tools for advertising and marketing.
Director of Marketing: Position the organization to reach many different sects and languages.
Internet Social Media Advisor: Implement the best use of social media.
Fund Raising Director: Implement communications to be able to support the education of the public.
Grant Writer/Advisor: Assist the Fund Raising Manager.
Internal Communications/Office Manager
Lawyer: For general advice, copyrights, trademarks, etc.
Production Coordinator: Order graphics production and develop schedules for marketing communications materials
Public Relations Director: Review written news releases and suggest other PR opportunities.
Speakers: Available to give PowerPoint presentations for dissemination of information and education covering
Spiritual Advisor: Relating to the belief in the concept, answering audience’s questions and mission development.
Support Group Advisor: Help establish groups in various cities when requested. Work with Marketing Director to communicate the support services to people. The objective is to increase World Peace education.
Treasurer: Handles income and disbursements, controls budgets.
Videographer: To create videos for education including website’s interactive VR for international education.
Website Director: To control website development and maintenance.

If you know someone that may be interested in helping the, please e-mail them to contact:

If you have any questions or need more information regarding the Garden’s staff contact: Ron Lucas (812) 205-4987;

or 2341 Selzer Rd., Evansville, IN 47712, or e-mail

Thanks-a-bunch for helping us create peace in our world.