The Task is Great!

Yes…the task is great …Yet SIMPLE!

Trees change their color.
You can change the world!

So…how is your Response Ability?    

Our responsibility is to leave this Earth in a better situation than what we have right now. To accomplish this goal takes a new mission.

To have a peaceful world requires us to live for the future and stop “just existing.”

All children have the right to grow and prosper with a spirit of Love and Joy and to realize everyone has the right to increase their spirituality in the best way they know.

It is NOW that the mission must be designed to include people from all walks of life.

If we take a stand with an attitude, “It’s my way or the highway! I know best!,” we build walls of separation and duality.

We must strive to eliminate the duality thinking that we fostered through ignorance and realize the “them and us” has not served us positively. The “WE” attitude provides harmony as we walk our spiritual path.

Learning to be less judgmental of others helps us to put ourselves in their shoes. Doing so, opens the door to greater understanding that can produce harmony. (The only judgment we need is in looking carefully at ourselves to see how we are “walking the talk.”)

We can listen with compassion and realize that each person has different windows to see out and different doors to walk through. Each life is different. So, we must strive to accept people right where they are on their personal spiritual path…opening the door to “Love your neighbor.”

It is imperative we realize the spiritual path is a sacred walk for each and every individual.