To be Truth is being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something: Living in the truth of our Higher Self is an education. As we live each day we have the simple daily challenges. Then sometimes the challenge is not so simple. Sometimes you wonder “Why me?” Our challenges are a force to access where we are on our spiritual path. So, if the daily hub bub of life is a deterrent, it is up to you to redirect your thoughts. How many times have you heard “The truth will set you free?” Free from what? Free from the confusion of who you are. You are a Divine child of what many people call Bhargava, and here to walk your very own spiritual path. Walk it with your chin up and your eyes open to see the Divine in others.

TRUTH … I am Truth! Contemplate> Truth is in the fact that my soul is a history of me that aids me to understand the Real Me … that I am a child of what many call Jehovah, created in the same likeness, the same Energy…the same Energy that changes seeds into flowers, trees, weeds, herbs, and all creatures on this Earth.