More Education…WHY?

The Gardenofpeace.info is an educational-spiritual organization to help people understand their higher nature, and to improve their individualized expression of spirit …what many people call God, Allah, Beloved, Higher Power, Yahweh, the Christ…a name they have been taught while walking their spiritual path in human form (their lower nature).

The spiritual path helps each individual to know who they are and what they are.

One needs the knowledge to understand that the spiritual path is a sacred road for each individual.

Each individual is given free will. Using free will with affirmations (positive thoughts) helps each person to realize they are Divine …an individualized expression of God. This knowledge within creates a shift in one’s consciousness. One’s consciousness not only affects the individual within, but as one raises his/her consciousness with affirmations it contributes positive energy to the combined Consciousness of all entities. This, then, creates an energy that reduces the energies of violence and wars. So you too, can be an ambassador of PEACE!